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Thread: looking for water plants

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    looking for water plants

    Hi ya all! , I am looking to purchase some watery plants for a small bowl I have , was thinking miniature parrots feather , creeping jenny, papyrus, ect. the bowl isnt huge so I really dont need a ton . if anyone could put a small package together that would be awesome. what ya got?

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    Frank has great plants. I have ordered from him. Plants are healthy, and packaged well. He also is a supporter of this forum!

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    ladyblues1965, I have regular parrots feather but do not have the miniature, nor do I have creeping jenny. I also have dwarf papyrus, dwarf umbrella, horsetail reed, sweet flag, lizard's tail, Black Gamecock iris, Aztec arrowhead, pennywort, spider lily, crinum menehume, variegated cat tail, and Marble Queen melon sword. Let me know if any of these will work.
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    Hi ladyblues1965 , not sure if you got what you needed but I have water hyacinth, water lettuce, Chameleon plant , a small bit of creeping jenny, and some chocolate mint for a small bowl. I think everything else I have needs a larger space.
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