I am sure most of you have now heard of the unique Pond monitor from Seneye that monitors many parameters but importantly Ammonia.

Its this time of year especially when our Koi are starting to become very active with rising water temperatures and of course our bacteria beds are still playing catch up. So the importance of making sure you have feed balanced correctly and also your Bio Mass is now increasing is important.

The Seneye Pond pack enables you to have key insight 24/7 as to the quality of your water. Not just pH and Temperature but most importantly Ammonia as well as Theoretical O2. Having the ability to track the progress of your filteration system over the spring and into the summer so you do not over feed at this critical time is highly important.

We spend literally thousands a year on our Koi plus food, but a one of cost for knowing your waters quality to keep that investment in stock healthy should be at the top of everyones list.

So next time you are looking into your pond and feeding your emerging Koi from their winter shut down, maybe have a think about the water that keeps these precious and beautiful species alive.

Consider Seneye as your Life Guard to your Pond.