If you're posting pictures that look normal on your computer, phone or tablet, but when you upload them to Koiphen they seem
to randomly post upside down or sideways, here are some tips.

When taking pictures with your mobile device, which many of us do, most software programs can tell which way you
had it positioned when you took the picture so it knows which way is "up". The Koiphen can't do that. It is assuming you have
the device position in "landscape" mode, meaning you have it positioned horizontally and the "top" of the device is on the side.

This is Portrait:

Name:  Portrait.jpg
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This is Landscape:

Name:  Landscape.jpg
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Even if positioned in landscape it's also important that it is positioned so the top part of the device is on the left side.
Many phones have their logo at the top; if so you need to have that logo on the left in landscape mode. If there's no logo, "up" is
how you would hold the device if you were using it as a phone.
To illustrate how the forum handles the pictures I took some with the logo or "up" side pointed in different directions. Now these all
looked "right" on the device and in my software program... but here's how it looks when taken in portrait mode with the logo of the
device is at the top:

Name:  logo at top.jpg
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And here it is with the logo on the left:

Name:  logo on left.jpg
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And here it is with the logo on the right:

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So you can see that this is why sometimes pictures are not displayed like you see them when uploading and it's important to
have the device positioned correctly for them to display like you wanted. You should also be able to preview them with the
"Preview Post" button before submitting to be sure they are displaying how you intended.

Hope that helps!