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Thread: What's the best netting to use for spawning koi?

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    What's the best netting to use for spawning koi?

    Hello All,

    Last year we introduced our koi to our pond that we rebuilt and surprisingly they spawned a bunch of eggs. As of right now I have like 30 baby koi and they are rapidly growing. Spring has just arrived for 2017 and we are planning to purchase an ace knottless 1/2" Seine net to help catch them and cull out the ones we don't want.

    I am also trying to purchase a holding box for the koi to mate in this season in hopes to protect the fry but Memphisnet does not carry any type of spawning holding boxes for sale. Mostly 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" size netting is sold. I have also seen posts about people using the fiberglass screen door netting from Lowe's or home depot but not sure if it will work. I want to construct something that will allow my koi to have a large space to mate. Some of these commercial made spawn nettings are too small for my koi. My pond is around 6000 gallons and is 4 ft deep. All ideas welcome! Thanks everybody!

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    If they spawn on brushes you can remove the eggs and hatch them in a separate tank

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    I use ordinary cotton mops in the pond

    then put the mops in a igloo cooler to hatch
    1/2 change the water about twice a day

    then dip out the fry with a ladle
    and move to a tank to grow

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    For catching one year old small koi (or any koi for that matter), rather than use a seine, I put on head-lamp and catch them at night with a regular pole net. They can't see it coming. Just move the net slowly so they have trouble feeling it coming toward them.

    As for the breeding and raising fry, I do it differently than most. I set up a small pond that I run year round for that. It keeps the filter functioning and algae etc on the sides for extra food. Mine is 1800 gallons, but 500 might serve the purpose. I typically move the chosen adults in there in the spring. After spawning, I removed them. The eggs stay there and so do the fry for the first year.

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