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Thread: Skimmer is not sucking with pump on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vvnguyen1981 View Post
    Heres my progress so far. By removing all the stones, putting in the concrete collar and now putting back the stone, I'm actually piecing both water falls together a lot better then before.

    Skimmer is working a lot better now that it is tied directly to the pump inlet.

    I know a lot of you guys have different philosophies on your koi pond builds. I came from a roughly 2000 gallon pond. One 1200 gph sub pump going directly to a pressurized uv bio/mech filter then to my waterfall while my skimmer had another 1200 gph sub pump inside pushing the water directly to the same waterfall. Once the koi pond balanced out, my water was clear to the bottom. A slight hint of green but nothing unusually.

    My main question today is this. Anyone running 3" bottom drains ever had the drains clog up under normal use? Koi waste, possible yard debris?

    Thank you!
    Good looking and great job ...

    Can not answer you since both of my bd is 4" ... but it also depend on what we allow to flow / settle and it tie up to the sieve flow rate / pump. to calculate how much gravity flow change on your pipe design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vvnguyen1981 View Post
    ...My main question today is this. Anyone running 3" bottom drains ever had the drains clog up under normal use? Koi waste, possible yard debris?

    Thank you!
    The key is normal use. Like Catfish said originally the two sections tied together will only flow as much as a single 3" pipe, so your
    flow in those sections (BD to wye) are going to be the weak link and potential to clog imo.
    The thing about many of the vortex style containers too is the outlet to the pump isn't adjustable for draw down so depending on how
    many inches below water level, that's the max you're able to flow... and if it's only a few inches, I think you'll still have trouble gravity
    flowing enough through that single 3" pipe to feed that pump. If not, again like Catfish said, a suction style system maybe your only option
    without redoing the BD's.
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    Under "normal " operation, My bottom drain lines get coated inside with what I believe has been identified as either a kind of fresh water sponge , or an insect larvae ?
    Anyway , whatever it is , it must love hi flow areas, because it grows and slows down the flow in My BD lines, and I have to clean it out about twice a year. It fills about a 5 gal bucket , and I see a big improvement in flow afterwards.
    I think someone once mentioned that Dimlin will kill it and keep the lines clear , but I prefer to mechanically clean it with a dryer flue brush from H Depot

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    Question on bio filter media. So as you guys can see, I have the 2nd 125 gallon which I will be using as my bio filter. One of my biggest goals will be trying to build up beneficial bacteria in this bio filter. I really like the idea of K1 floating media? Thoughts? It seems to make sense to me that floating media will produce better results since it is always in motion.

    I also am using lava rock in my design of my pond along with big parts of my water fall.


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    K1 is a great option for your bio filter. With 125 gallons, you can add a little now and have room to add more later if you need it. My recommendation is to research and read as much as you can on the construction of a moving bed filter. You will have questions like how much media to add for the amount you are feeding? how much air do you need for the K1 to boil? Why isn't the media boiling initially? What height do your pipes enter and leave the filter? How can I account for draw down issues? How can I minimize my pump sucking air? etc. The information is there if you want to know. Ask lots of questions, and really consider following the advice of those who have built them.

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