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Thread: Koi Deformed Head

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    Question Koi Deformed Head

    Hi i have some fishes that actually develops deformity and some are born with deformed heads. Though it appears to affect only the appearance and doesn't take away from the health of the fishes affected.

    I just want to know if this deformity or dent on the head would go away? (since it just suddenly develops)
    or if its permanent ?
    Is there any way we can prevent this to happen?

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    No, this is genetic disposition being expressed. The breeders, when performing their first fry culling, look for these abnormalities and eliminate them immediately.

    check out our website at:

    "Our goal is to assist with emergency and Koi health issues, as well as educate on best practices. Please help us gain a clear picture by giving the original poster time to answer our questions before offering opinions and suggested treatments."

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