Every year many of us in North America winterize our Koi, our prized fish that cost in some instances the price of a small new car. But what do we do in terms of monitoring the biggest killer they face? Ammonia.

Seneye Monitoring systems are THE only method for keeping tracks of your systems Ammonia levels, with updates every 30 minutes. For as little as $139.00 you can keep your Koi safe from the risks of free ammonia and also track the NH4 levels. combined with pH and Temperature monitoring.

Go one step further and add the Seneye Webserver and you can access your winterization vats or Pond from anywhere in the world.

Imagine no longer having to worry what your most important water parameters are when you can have a reading sent to you throughout the day giving you time to react.

Here is a screen shot of Katie's Seneye! Thanks Katie for publishing this

Save your fish this year for as little as $139! Your fish must be worth that chance?

contact us as info@seneye-usa.com for more details