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Thread: Mud pond -size questions

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    Mud pond -size questions

    As you can see, Newbie here:

    Seems like the ultimate environment to gain length and girth with Koi are large mud ponds like the one's Professional breeders in Japan use.

    I have a few questions about this scenario-

    You start with a Kohaku tosai and grow it in a mud pond for 5 seasons, now instead of the mud pond you grew the same fish in a professionally constructed 15,000 gallon cement pond.

    Of course there are a million variables here that make it difficult. Let's assume the mud pond is managed by a top Japanese professional and the cement pond is managed by one of the top American professionals.

    -Would the mud pond or cement pond produce better results-(i'm guessing mud pond)

    -Could the cement pond fish ever catch up to the mud pond fish-in length and width? Assuming same environment after years in the mud or cement pond (i'm guessing no)

    -Is this statement true-If you want the largest possible fish for its type/variety, its probably spent time in a mud pond.

    -Growing in smaller sized cement ponds, what size in relationship to the same mud pond fish could you get? Say for example 70% length, but only 60% girth?

    -Do you know what fish in mud ponds eat? What percentage is natural occurring food in pond and what food is given to the fish?

    -Do you know what type of maintenance is done to a mud pond during the growing season?

    Really appreciate it!

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    Hi Yenling29
    I dont have the answers to your questions. But if I wanted to grow koi as big and fast as possible, I would use a (heated) cement pond. In my mudpond there are to many things I can not controll

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    The jurney continues, now with a massive upgrade of the pond and its surroundings, and the arrival of new tosai in 2017

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