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    Thread: Help with Astilbes please

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      Muddywaters is offline Member
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      Jul 2015
      NW Indiana

      Help with Astilbes please

      I know they need a lot of water. I planted them in mostly shade, near the bird bath, which i spill out every 2 days. Both have wilted, and died back. Think they'll come back? What'd I do wrong?

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      KurtG's Avatar
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      Annapolis, MD
      in my experience, they like more shade than water. Is it possible that you over watered? That would be my guess from afar. Root rot usually manifests in wilted plants.

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      Charlotte, NC
      I planted a couple of them this year that are in shade all day no direct sunlight just dappled light through trees, mine are not doing well either. Every day by early evening the leaves are all curled up, I give them a large drink and within 30 min. the leaves straighten back out. Maybe it's just the heat here (been in mid to upper 90's for 2 months and no rain) but the label on mine said they were heat tolerant, I still have to water every day to keep them from turning brown.
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      Is it hot in your area right now? Sometimes they will die off in the heat. They without a doubt need lots of water. I have mine in sun and in shade. Increase the water and they wil probably come back. Also make sure they are not in clay type soil as they will get root rot.

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      gray cat's Avatar
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      When I loved in Ohio, we lived close to the Ohio River. We had black sandy soil. They grew great for me.
      Here in NC, I have red clay and they always die. I think it is to hot for them here as well.
      I decided not to grow them.

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