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    Im having trouble translating bloodline names from foreign languages. I can kinda understand some of them

    Correct me if Im wrong, im just reading off foreign language pages.

    Yagozen ( can see entire scale of beni when stretching but will eventually join back together into a big patch )
    Matsunosuke - used jinbei blood later on, jinbei came from torazo.
    Senseku ( Kamisori kiwa, round face, big frame, beni doesnt get deep red )

    I see bunch of older line names but idk how to read them. Can someone tell me a couple of the lines older than Tomoin please ?
    Ogawa- Loran story, very interesting. Loran was Ohshita x Tomoin? 82cm 14 yrs old first champ ( breeder died on the day of after hearing news??) won 2nd time age 16
    Maruyama bred a line from xxx to kagura? what line would that be? anyone heard of anything similar?
    Hoshikin -Original deep red beni, crossed with matsunosuke ( senseku blood ) to make it lighter?
    Kobayashi (breeder) - apparently he crossed his showa with other kohaku lines and improved beni in his showa in the 1930's - 1950's and created a trend??
    XXX split into - Tarokichi Hiroi,Asazo Takano,Genshichi Hirasawa,Genji Hoshino lines, those are breeders.
    Shinosuke Matsubara - crossed to create doitsu. 1904
    あきやま よしごろう - Akiyama.. Kichigoro?? not sure if thats correct, he crossed asagi x doitsu goi to produce the first shusui in 1908. Hikosaburo Hirasawa got akiyama to keep his fish??
    1914- Kawarigoi category appeared.
    Namerou- type of koi related to ki asagi???

    Murata,Hoshikin famous for kohaku
    Dainichi - big fish

    I have not came across anything about breeders such as tani,taniguchi,omosako,shintaro, etc yet, However i forget where but Momotaro apparently came from Matsunosuke as well?

    I am sorry if I am wrong on a lot of the above info as i am just learning and none of these are first hand info ( ) Please correct my mistakes

    Too bad im not a WWKC member, im sure theres things that i cant have access to

    Edit: just to clear my thoughts a bit,

    Tomoin - > Senseku ( Murayama, Okawa )
    Tomoin - > Kagura, Sankuro
    Kagura x Sankuro x Senseku = Dainichi?

    Im still missing the names for the older lines, before Tomoin.

    Koiman mentioned Kichinai before.. Whats that one?

    Edit 2: whats the difference between taki asagi and narumi asagi, theyre also both from Konjyo asagi correct?
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