As we all know Koi require a stable environment, two of the most important elements are Ammonia and temperature, pH plays a critical factor also.

Until recently it has been both time consuming and difficult to monitor your Ammonia daily let alone hourly, temperature too can peak and trough during the day.

To avoid this the Seneye Pond kit acts as your best investment against the most critical factors.

Being able to monitor anywhere you are
water level,
relative Oxygen

The Seneye Pond is your lifeline to success! available as a stand alone USB unit or with Internet access for use with any smart device and onto your home network.

Dont let bad water paremeters weaken your Koi this year, give yourself an advance warning of issues before they happen!

The Seneye Pond packs comes with
Seneye Pond USB
SWS web access module (wifi ready but sold seperate)
Dri Box for holding all electrical items dry and secure

Also available as a stand alone
Seneye Pond

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