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Thread: what do I have?

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    what do I have?

    I'm curious about the names of these two and comments on the quality
    Tang, survived a heron attack, he had a nice scrape on the side. Most of the scales have grown back but some are white. Mainly on the side that was scraped.
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    Casper seems to have some slight orange down the back but generally ghost white. The sides are mostly without scales. The orange is much more apparent in photos than in person.
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    Sorry for the photo quality. Both are coming up on two years old and just over 9 inches.

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    no clue

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    The koi at the top is an orenji ogon. The other one is a kind of doitsu.

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    Yes, top is orenji and the second one is supposed to be considered a two colored fish with metallic sheen, therefore a Hariwake. It needs much more orange to consider it a "pattern" of color.

    the orenji also appears to have suffered some spinal damage in the heron attack. Notice the bent spine right where the scales grew back.

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