We are very pleased to announce that Ourselves Aqua Digital Inc the North America Distributors of Seneye Aquatic monitors are now a sponsor of Koiphen. Some of you my know of Seneye or are already using the product.

SENEYE now ships from within the USA so no long waits to reveive from the UK! All support is now local and we have a growing number of Koi dealers stocking the product. We are also seeking new dealers everyday.

So what is Seneye?
Seneye is the one of the only Networkable monitors on the market that continually monitors for critical parameters, providing advance warning of impending or build issues. One in particular that is of course of interest for Koi keepers is Ammonia especially in a QT enviroment.

The basic features that are monitored are
Ammonia Temperature
relative Oxygen
water level

The Seneye Pond offers all this and also now comes in a convenient pack where you get a dry box for all electronics to be securely kept safe from the environment as well as the Seneye web server (sws) and wifi attachment, this allows for you to go anywhere log onto your smart phone and monitor your parameters, alerts also can be sent to your device.

The Seneye is completely linkable to your PC where you can download the software to your PC and read off graphs and see how your system has been over a period of days or weeks.

There is a downloadable product brochure here on our website

Seneye comes in currently 3 formats with two reptile versions to follow and a flora system for planted tanks

the current units are
Seneye Home
Seneye Pond
Seneye Reef

The Seneye reef offers a multitude of light monitoring capabilities, the unit has a built in LUX, PAR, Kelvin and PUR meter, this is idea for all tanks where you need to know your lights output.

A full list of features can be found here

Pricing starts as low as $149USD

If you are interested in purchasing or if a dealer and interested in stocking the product please email us at sales@aqua-digital.com