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    Thread: Koiapalooza III

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      Feb 2007
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      Koiapalooza III

      Steve (Pond,James_Pond) and his wife Rose hosted another amazing get together yesterday afternoon
      for us Koiphen'ers!
      My trip starts on the other side of Puget Sound, and I spotted this example of a great paint job
      from the ferry... Norwegian Cruse Lines knows how to do it!

      Name:  To Seattle.jpg
Views: 190
Size:  212.9 KB

      After a adventurous ride thru downtown Seattle and to Steve and Rose's home on the east side,
      I felt like I was in familiar territory. Cheryl and her husband Craig met me when I arrived and I traded some 55g
      barrels with her for this very beautiful wall hanging (I got by far the better deal here! ):

      Name:  wallhanging.jpg
Views: 180
Size:  295.2 KB

      As always, nothing but good times and great conversation with KP friends I don't get to see often enough...

      Name:  party 1.jpg
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Size:  285.2 KB

      Name:  party 2.jpg
Views: 179
Size:  305.7 KB

      Name:  pond.jpg
Views: 182
Size:  296.2 KB

      Monte (montwila) gave us a yummy jar of preserves and I can't for sure remember what kind it was, but I had some
      on an english muffin this morning and I'm betting on apricot! It was delicious, so thank you Monte!!

      The chef was always hard at work ...

      Name:  Dinner cooking.jpg
Views: 183
Size:  180.4 KB

      Name:  Dinner time.jpg
Views: 181
Size:  204.5 KB

      Food was great! It was great getting to see everyone and even Rob (nwrunner) made it all the way from Oregon! Lesters' (Mr Wags) son
      kept us entertained the whole afternoon ... what a bundle of energy!

      Sunset from the ferry on the way back to Poulsbo...

      Name:  From Seattle.jpg
Views: 183
Size:  168.7 KB

      Thanks Steve and Rose for hosting another awesome summer time party for us!! I look forward to it every year!
      Find more about Weather in Poulsbo, WA

      "It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company." --George Washington

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      May 2004
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      Looks like a great afternoon That is a gorgeous wall hanging!

      Proud Member Of The WWKC
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      Jun 2012
      Kent, WA
      It was so good to see and talk to everyone, I am kicking myself for not taking pictures! Steve and Rose are great hosts, they have a beautiful yard and pond, food was great! We were missing Birdman Steve and Linda, but had a great turnout. I think I need to have a get together/BBQ before the summer is over and throw in a fun activity like finishing my pond, lol! Steve's little quilt wall hanging is my prototype, I have considered making them and selling them for my pond fund, I wanted Steve to have it because of his generosity, all his hard work for Koiphen and I just like him!


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      Cheryl's Avatar
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      Jun 2012
      Kent, WA
      Oh yeah, and thank you Monte for the jam, looking forward to trying it out!


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      Jan 2010
      Franklin Park IL
      Looks like great and fun time for all. That is a very beautiful wall hanging! Thanks Steve for the pics.

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      RazzyB's Avatar
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      Jul 2010
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      Cheryl, I didn't get to see that wall hanging while we were at Koiapalooza 3! Its amazing. I'm 100% sure you would have a line of customers in a heart beat, if you decide to make some more. I know we'd love one!

      The party was great - so good to talk to everyone in person. We should really do this more than once per year. Too bad WebTed and Jennifer couldn't make it this time, too. I wish we had taken pics, but we were too busy chatting with everyone.

      Monte, the jam was an unexpected and delicious treat.

      This is the party we plan the rest of the summer around. Thank you to Steve and Rose for another amazing get-together.

      -- Sarah and Brian
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      Jan 2005
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      Once again a great gathering that I am fortunate enough to be included in with a wonderful group that we have here in the PNW! Thank You Steve and Rose, they were there usual gracious hosts and it was good seeing the gang again. Birdman, Ma Bird, WebTed and Jennifer unfortunately did not make it and were missed. Hopefully no one was effected too adversely by my lil tornado and thanks Monte for the wonderful golden plum jam.

      A Most Excellent Time Was Had
      Lester and Fam

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      wputnam's Avatar
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      Jul 2005
      Thanks Steve and Rose! Great food & friends! Really enjoyed your excellent BBQ skills and seeing everyone.. Your backyard and pond looked great too. Always look forward to seeing you two and I was especially glad you visited us at the up North pond tour.
      Bill Putnam

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      May 2004
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      Looks like a wonderful time. That wall hanging is gorgeous!
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