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    Thread: 5 baby red ear.

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      5 baby red ear.

      As my koi passion continues I find myself at a breaking point when my perfect 14" platinum ogon year old koi got nipped by my red ear(s) luckily it's in a area that will regenerate. But I am missing a couple smaller koi. These turtles have been with me since they were hatchlings 5 years ago and now they are large enough to bread and cause damage to my larger koi. My question here is, I don't like the idea of release in wild as they are overpopulated and not native to Southern California.. I am looking for a rescue place or permanent home for them. All of the turtles that are female are the larger more aggressive 4 of them. Let me know your thought. My wife already fired me down about a " turtle pond" on side yard.

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      I would try to find them good homes. I agree turning them loose in your area is not an option for the turtles.

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      You could always list them on Craigslist with the stipulation that you can see their habitat before allowing them to take the turtles. Also, you might try reaching out to this organization: http://www.reptilerescueoc.org/

      They're in Orange County.
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