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Thread: Diseases and treatments of Goldfish

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    Diseases and treatments of Goldfish

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    I just adopted a goldfish and it has a reddish cap on its head like you`d find on an oranda but not puffy at all- maybe just slightly raised- the rest of the fish is all orange except for some white on the tail fin and pec fins- looks much like a comet- long tail and fins- could a comet and oranda have mated? could it be some sort of sore (doesn`t appear to be irritated or infected) never seen it before and it was too dark for pics when i brought it home tonight- its about 6-7 inches and I know nothing else about it- owner of the pond is moving and said I could have whatever I catch in the pond- will keep it quarrentined till I know it`s fine- will take pics too before too long- thanks for any help you can give me!

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    Any variety of goldfish can mate with any variety. If one of the parents is a common or a comet, the offspring will almost always look like commons or comets.

    Goldfish may have a somewhat darker head then body whether or not they have a wen.

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