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    Thread: ER and Health Issues Forum Protocols - New Threads

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      ER and Health Issues Forum Protocols - New Threads

      ER and Health Issues Forum Protocols - New Threads:

      Before you start a new thread about your koi health issues please read the following and prepare to respond with at least some of the information requested. Our Koi Health Care Committee is a very capable group but we are not magicians. We cannot read your minds.

      Once you have posted a new thread, log on frequently for updates and information which might help you. While you are here, check out the other links to articles about koi health.

      When you present your problem to the forum, you must give as much information as possible. Please take pictures and post them along with all pertinent information. Here are examples of the things we may need to know:

      When was the last time you added any fish.

      Do you have test kits? We would at least like to have ammonia, nitrite and pH readings.

      Please test and report the water parameters of your source water - well or city.

      Describe your pond and filtration system.

      What is the current temperature of the pond.

      When was the last cleaning of your filtration system.

      How often do you clean the filtration units.

      Have any changes occurred in your pond in the last few months.

      Do you have a separate quarantine system for newly purchased fish.

      Is this the first problem you have experienced with your koi or have there been other issues in the past.

      Have you treated your koi for parasites.

      How did you treat them and what product(s) did you use.

      What medications and/or treatments do you have available.

      What is the current temperature of the pond.

      Do you have a good relationship with a veterinarian.

      We do not expect you to answer every question listed here. However, the more information you can provide will certainly aid in the process of addressing your problems.

      Once the basic information is provided, it is almost always wise to do a water change and filter cleaning. Problems are often caused by water quality issues, parasites, bacteria issues or some combination of all three. If you do a water change and filter cleaning you will almost always make things easier on your fish and lessen the level of harmful bacteria and parasites in your water. This simple maintenance procedure will make it easier for your fish to resist them.

      Cleaning or back-flushing your filters is very important. There is the possibility that harmful elements such as hydrogen sulfide have collected in your filters and need to be purged. Cleaning the filters will remove most toxicity issues.

      We welcome you to the forum. As we work with you to solve your problems you may see some conflicting advice. If you are unsure about what to do please contact one of the Koi Health Care Committee members for assistance
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      Karl Schoeler, founder: EIHIOICGI

      Certified: AKCA Better Health Practices December 2008

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