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    Thread: how much Hydrogen Peroxide do i add to 3,000 U.S. Gallons

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      how much Hydrogen Peroxide do i add to 3,000 U.S. Gallons

      I have not been able to dedicate as much time as i would have liked to my pond in the last few weeks and i am paying the price. My pond has a lot of organics in it and i believe it is fueling algael growth. Not in the water column but it is detaching and cloging the filters. I have a submersable pump that is running and not moving nearly as much water as its supposed to. I am hoping its gunked up. I want to add hydrogen peroxide and kill it off before cleaning the pond out (50% water change and taking the pump apart to try and clear the gunk). Is this an adequate plan of attack? and how much peroxide should i use? Do i need to bipass filter media?
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      The number that I have seen is one quart of the 3% common HP per 1000 gallons.

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      I have been using 1 cup per 1000 gallons and it seams to work well. After a PP treatment the brown color will go away in 1 hour after 3 cups of 3% HP in my 2800 gallon pond.
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      I have never used HP to clean up algae or organics. Maybe do a PP treatment and then the HP if you want to clean up the brown water after PP treatment. I don't use the HP to clean up after a PP treatment either. Give it a day and the brown will clear on its own.
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      If you have so much "gunk" in the pond that it is clogging a submersible pump. Then NO HP is not the plan of attack I would use.

      Yes, HP will clean a small amount of organics and get rid of the tannins left after a PP tx. Yes it will kill off algea with multiple treatments that are small enough not to harm your fish over several days for each treatment.

      My plan of attack first would be to clean the pond of as much "gunk" as humanly possible before I used chemicals because you need the pump to circulate the chemicals while they are being used. Sludge or debris in the water (including broken off string algea) need to be removed before you can expect chemicals to be your friend.

      Sounds like you need a better prefilter before the pump to catch the debris so it does not become clogged. HP will last up to three days in the pond after each addition. So only dose twice a week. As Rich says to kill algea one quart per 1000 gallons of the drug store 03% (3 QTs for 3000 gallon pond each treatment) No you do not need to by-pass established filters at this dosage. It may take a couple of weeks (several doses) to clear the pond without going stronger and possibly harming the fish.

      If you use the advanced search and look under Roddy Conrads posts it is all there. Baquacil is 27% HP and is sold at most pool stores. It is 9X stronger so only use 1 1/2 - 2 cups per dose for 3000 gallons. This may be a more economical way for you to go.

      Good Luck
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      I agree with Joey, that's exactly what I do cool

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