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    Thread: Tpr placement in pond

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      NORTHSTAR423 is offline Member
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      Jan 2013

      Talking Tpr placement in pond

      How deep should these the tpr's be placed in my pond would 18 to 24 inches be deep enough i have decided to down size the width to 14 feet x 18 length
      increase depth to 5 foot skimmer filter in each end /to s/g filters to water fall./ and decided to do it with cement block and re-bar instead of the dirt pit/ 3 foot of pond will be under ground and 2 foot of it above ground.

      ? Do you have to have the tpr's that you can adjust the stream direction / or can i just use 2 inch slip to slip bulk fitting installed in my liner / or will 2 inch be a might to big?

      Cant wait eager to get going

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      Moneypit's Avatar
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      Sep 2005
      Mount Vernon WA
      They are usually placed 12"-18" off the bottom to help sweep the junk to your bottom drain. You do not have to have adjustable TPRs and size will depend on your flow rates.

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      birdman's Avatar
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      If your doing block I notch the top of the 2nd row of block and put the TPRs in this notch. This ends up to being 14" off the bottom.

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