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Thread: 30 day Guarantee

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    30 day Guarantee

    The stress on a plant in shipping can effect a plant, even a healthy plant. Even transplanting a plant to another pot can cause stress. That is why it takes a period of time for the plant to respond after transplanting. Because of this, the following is my guarantee. I feel this guarantee is fair. If you have any questions, please contact me.

    All plants sold by Matherfish will carry a 30 day replacement guarantee. This guarantees that if planting and care instructions are followed, but the plant does not live for a full 30 days after the buyer receives the plant, I will replace the plant. Return the plant (first class postage is okay) after notifying me of the loss of the plant. Buyer is responsible for postage for the shipping. If I am sold out of the plant, I will offer an equal or greater value selection(s) or refund the buyer's money. Buyers choice.
    Thanks, and happy ponding!
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