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Thread: Tornato in my Pond

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    Tornato in my Pond

    After the koi pond rebuild, I noticed that the air stream from a single aerated BD seem to bounch around from side to side. With some periodic "burbing", just assumed that it was an irregurlar air output.

    One day, I had the pump off that served the BD/TPR circuit. The air stream was now a uniform, straight column, even with a burp here and there.

    I turned the pump back and and really watched the air column for a awhile. I was memorized as I watched the air column rotate like the tornado in the Wizard of OZ, around the center point of the BD, at about a 10 degree lean.
    Every several minutes or so, it made a complete rotation.

    Surface rotation around the perimeter of the pond was aways noticable. But apparently the TPRs were doing want I wanted, good circulation through much of the water depth, not just in the lower depths.

    At least I thought it was cool.
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    Post a pic or video, would like to see that.

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    Mine acts the same way but then I have a nearly circular pond with angled TPRs. It rotates clockwise, dunno if that the right direction for the Northern Hemisphere or not
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    My four air domes produce the tornado effect but I only have one that burps.

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    Yes, Mike, with proper circulation, that is what your air domes should look like.

    MikeS, they should actually rotate counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere. Go flush your toilet and see which way the water

    Of course, this situation is totally controlled by the directional flow of your tprs.


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