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    Thread: xypex alternative

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      xypex alternative

      on the east coast I have had trouble finding xypex yet have heard about master life 300D admixture, masterseal 581 (no crystalline expansion), masterseal 500 (has expanding crystals) these products are from a company called masterbuilders solutions by BASF and they seem to think its the same thing as xypex. Has anyone ever heard of them or used them? I was going to use the admix (mixed right into the pumping truck) to fill the cinderblocks and for pouring the floor, then coat everything with the masterseal 500
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      The technology is old, the original patent has expired and several companies make simular products. There are probably manufacture published performance tests that you can compare.
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      Russell Peters's Avatar
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      You can call a Xypex rep and order it.
      people like to vehemently defend their purchases and find it incredulous that anything could be better

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      BASF is a good company that makes quality products in my opinion. Other options are Krystol KIM, Penetron Admix, Betocrete, Hycrete W... etc. etc. Look them up, or talk to a local supply house and see what they are recommending for your area. You can also call concrete pumping companies and ask what admix they recommend right now.

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