Hi all, I know many of you are seeing the new forum but can not post or make a thread, so let me explain. This area will be read only when finished, we have too many help stickeys and some of the same ones in more than one place to help new members understand how to use the forum if they never have. Or explain all the odd terminology they may see that can be just Forum known Lingo or Pond and Koi related but can totally confuse new people.
So we are trying to put many of the help threads from forum use topics and also anything that is always asked by new people over and over. By putting all the great threads we already have answering many of these things in one place, we hope to make it easier for new people joining and for veteran members to point them in this direction instead of making new threads to answer common questions or trying to find the links to old threads.
Since you can not post here, if you can think of anything else that should be here (threads) that are not posted here already, or have comments or suggestions please PM me, we always appreciate help/ideas and some of you have very good ones
Thanks Lee