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    Thread: Pond planning input, formal, w/ Koi

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      Pond planning input, formal, w/ Koi

      Ok, Here is what's going on.
      I'm planning on buying a new house in the near future. After long run of waiting finally it's all coming together. been looking at property from Ga. to Tn, to Ark. and here local. We finally found what we feel is the best property and house for the money in a location that is best suited for our interest/investment. We have viewed a property and home and have a layout in mind. Planning on making a offer in the next week or two. We have placed a deposit and locked in the first offer if someone tries to make a offer before we can make a final offer legally. So, here is where I stand, I have many years of pond experience but most have been water gardens, not true Koi pond. My present pond is 2500 gallons, bog garden, lily's and other plants, skimmer, filter fall, no bottom drain. Great running pond, no real issues at this point. 26 koi ranging from 4" to 18" with the average fish being about 10"-12". Crowded but all water parameters stay in check with water changes, large bog, etc. But the time is near that they need a bigger better home anyway.
      I looked at the area and the wife agrees, We both know where we want the primary KOI show pond. Size of the pond in outer dimensions will end up being adjusted to the max size I can get away with but still be able to build a retaining wall around the edge, still be able to walk around at least three sides, and be able to maintain and view with comfort. The ground area I have to be able to place this is 25' x 27' there are some walls that will have to be contended with and a door that will lead straight out to the area so I don't want someone accidentally walking out and into the pond. My idea is 12x14- 18x19 somewhere in that area. We do not have a professional pond builder in the area that I would be willing to trust/use I honestly feel I could do better than the work I've seen and my idea is to actually get into pond and pool installing along with raising Koi, Goldfish, lily's, raising Alpaca (another forum another animal but classifies the property as a actual working farm for tax purposes and enjoyment) Plus I could do other work with the tractor. But back to the subject at hand. I need to learn how to build it right the first time and this will be a true first KOI only pond for me, and I want it done right!
      Of course I need to keep costs within check and balance. Must be effective and I'm Open to ways to save money but at the same time I want to put the heart of the costs in good quality filtering. I'm not sure if I can go gunite, but I'm open to investing in one IF I can find someone that can help me do it right.
      Here are some of my ideas I would like to include, that I want in the pond but again, this is the time where I would like input while I'm in the planning stage.
      Bottom drains for sure, with aeration # needed?? I've never used or installed but I have seen ponds with them and KNOW I want them on my new set-up!
      Skimmer yes, I've used savio and like their design but I'm open to suggestions, I've seen many kinds used and even simple pipe overflows but I want something easy to get to, easy to clean. Leaves will only be a minimal problem. It's going to be nestled close to the house, open above but no tress within 30' in any direction
      Want to use sieve or rotor drum for secondary prefilter, If skimmer is considered as part of the primary pre-filter such as in the case of the savio skimmer. Don't know if one or two would be best to use. Then open to suggestions for how to filter but I have a idea I would like to try and that's going with a trickle type/ bakki style filter with cermedia, So Zac, here is your chance to jump in. bead filter, static filter, brushes in a separator are all options open to discussion here. The larger this filter, piping footprint becomes, the further away they must be from the pond.
      Will have a large UV light installed, may not run it but partially when needed but I want it plumbed in for when it is needed.
      Pump/pumps will be external, I have never used or run a external pump on one of MY ponds, I have installed a external pump on my swimming pool so I do know the basics. LOL
      water flow options, TRP's placement, need advice, bottom sloping for max use of bottom drains need advice, type and size of bottom drain, need advice, turnover rates, and any other things I haven't thought about, Please comment. I would if I can figure out a way like minimal water surface movement once the air to the bottom drains is turned off for viewing, venturi jets for additional aeration in the system are also options I have been bouncing around and considering.
      depth, I'm thinking 4' in the ground, 18"-24" above ground to top of the water level.
      total depth 5.5'-6' This can be adjusted! No shallower but possibly deeper No shelves, no plants, no streams, straight down sides except for MAYBE a built in set of stairs to get in and out of the pond. This will be a fish only show display right at my back door!
      It will be formal, pretty much square or rectangle in design with a clean look where the water falls back into the pond. I want to have the sides of the pond built up to where they can be sat on and hand feeding the fish is easy.
      I have like I said read, read, read, I'm not a novice so I know all the basics of water quality, need for good filtration, etc. But as I have read on someone that is also in the process of building a patio pond that advice could have been given in advance from some of the pro's here. That's a mistake I don't want to make. I'm looking for good advice and options. I guess it's a good idea to say that this will NOT be the only pond on the property, Just the most important one, This will be my showcase formal pond and my personal collection. Thanks in advance and look forward to any and all input.

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      Take a look at this, it's a good starting point.


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      Good start on saying what you want. My next suggestion would be to specify what you are willing to spend on this pond. You say you don't want to break the bank. But breaking the bank can mean quite a bit different to different people. Case in point: you say you want a good filter system and don't mind spending money on that aspect of the pond. So is buying a $5,000 RDF out of the question? Some people say "Yes it is" others say "No I can deal with that for the added benefits it provides". Where is your threshold for pain?

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      Here is my formal pond, it might help you with some ideas.



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