We have been so busy I almost forgot about posting a thread for our next trip. Kari and I leave on Wednesday January 26th. We arrive and will go directly to Tokyo for 3 days. I will be judging at the AJKS and will post pictures of some of the Koi. I will also be starting a thread, for the WWKC, in the WWKC forum on the judging process for this show.

After Tokyo we will be going to Isawa to visit INC for 3 days and from there we will be going to Ojiya for 5 days. In Ojiya we will be visiting quite a few breeders and will announce another group purchase possibility. We also have a few "new" breeders on our list that we will visit as well as a lot of the ones I visited last winter. Stay tuned as we will have many, many pictures of Koi and hopefully a few surprises.

As always, if there is anything you would like us to find for you, feel free to PM us at anytime. really, I mean that, we don't sleep much while in Japan.