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    Thread: How to make a phoam phraxionator, 1300-1500 gph

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      Quote Originally Posted by bravetang8 View Post
      I am working on one of these, but I had a few questions:

      1. Would the 6" PP benefit from reducing the diameter of the vertical pipe to 4", while keeping the rest 6"? I would think that more flow per cross sectional area would give more turbulence (F = ma). I guess choosing a pipe diameter could be a tradeoff between water velocity and amount of media that could fit.
      It has been my experience that a 4" diameter vertical pipe of 3 feet or more works fine.

      2. At the tee, is it better to narrow the waste exit diameter at the water level or immediately above it? In other words, is the narrower exit supposed to facilitate the foam to exit more quickly or is it supposed to decrease the surface area of the water at the tee? For example, I noticed in the 4" PP design that the waste exit has a 2" reducer bushing but the water level is still at the 4" part. However, in the 6" PP design the water surface is 4" in diameter and not 6" with a 4" reducer above it.
      The waste foam collecting area needs to be big enough for time for the bubbles to rise up and form foam.
      The foam needs to push up to exit. 2" foam exit seems to work best for me.

      3. I noticed that the water level gurgles and oscillates a lot in the tee, which prevents me from setting the water level very close to the exit. Flow is about 1200 gph following Ethan's 6" PP design. Any ideas to reduce this?

      Any comments on any of the questions would be appreciated!
      If you mess too much with Ethan's design and do not get foam... then you need to build one that looks like the examples posted that work.
      Then once you are getting foam... you can experiment with modifications.


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      Real Phoam production is in the spring when there is large amounts of pollen and mold spoors in the air. This organic mater dissolves in the water and helps create the DOC's. My Phoam Phractionator does not produce much phoam after August.
      Need more Koi

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