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Thank for choosing Koiphen Forums as your number one koi forum on the World Wide Web! We appreciate your support and are glad you chose to join our online community.

We at strive to keep our community a safe place for our members to talk about various topics. We have several policies in effect to ensure this goal. Before completing your membership request, please agree to the following terms of service.

I. Use of Koiphen forums for advertisement of your product is allowed; however it does not mean that endorses your product or service. In the event that the administration feels that you, or your affiliates, are abusing this privilege, you will be notified and asked to stop. Failure to comply can potentially result in thread removal, restrictive posting, and/or membership termination/suspension. Be aware that your product may attract criticism; please be prepared as we will not moderate product opinions. In addition, use of the Koiphen messaging system to advertise is prohibited.

II. We will always have at least eight separate forums for our members to post their topics. This separation of topics was selected for a reason. Please do not post topics unrelated to the subject of the forum. Failure to comply with this will result in your thread being moved to correct area. If you are unsure of where to post your topic, post it in the ‘Chit Chat’ forum. A continuing pattern of non-compliance can potentially result in restrictive thread creation and/or membership termination/suspension.

III. Posting of any vulgar material will result in thread or post deletion/moderation. Vulgar material is defined as pornography, excessive cursing, and links to sites previously or currently containing pornography. Violation of this policy will elicit a direct response from the administration ending in restrictive posting or membership termination/suspension.

IV. Personal attacks are prohibited on Koiphen forums. If you have an issue with someone’s idea, please criticize the idea, not the member. Non-compliance can potentially result in restrictive posting or membership termination/suspension.

V. Information entered into the servers is property of Unauthorized reproduction of any information, graphics, ideas, or layouts is prohibited. If you post an idea or informative topic on Koiphen Forums it will be not be reproduced by a member of our staff without your specific authorization. Reproduction of a post is prohibited unless authorized by the author. If you do receive authorization of reproduction please notify the administration in order to prevent problems caused by miscommunication. If you would like to share the information on with another web-site, please provide that site a link to our forums. is also not responsible for any copyrighted material being posted on the site, that is the responsibility of the individual.

VI. Attempted or successful access to user specific restricted areas of the site is electronic crime. Restricted areas can include, but are not limited to the following: the administrator control panel, the moderator control panel, and thread moderation tools. This sort of activity will result in immediate membership termination and banning. If the activity continues, it is punishable by law.

VII. Each person is allowed one membership. If there is a reason you need two user names, you must have permission from the administration. We perform periodic checks for duplicate user names. If you have more than one user name, we will know. This activity has the potential to result in membership termination/suspension.

VIII. The moderation team and administration has permission to edit, delete, split, merge, stick, un-stick, close, and open all threads. If your thread is moderated you will be automatically notified by the messaging system. If you feel that your thread or post was improperly moderated please contact the administration and we will handle the issue in a timely and appropriate manner.

IV. If you are defined as a juvenile, you will be placed in the ‘Koiphen Kids’ user group. This group has restrictions as to what areas of the site they can access. We try our best to allow these members to participate in all topics while still keeping them out of inappropriate sections and topics too serious for their involvement.

V. When you visit, your IP address is logged. Upon registration we verify your e-mail address and log your IP address as well. In the event of a problem, we reserve the right to delete your membership and ban you from the site. If you feel you have been unjustly banned, please use the link on the banned page to e-mail an administrator.

VI. Please post and stay active; your participation is the key to the success of our forum. Please don’t be afraid to post an idea or question, more than likely someone else has the same thought.

We thank you for your support; please remember these policies are for your protection!

-Koiphen Forums Administration